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sora =3

Well since the time when I last updated properly which was.... May (geez I'm lazy about this) ..a lot and not a lot has been happening. That makes sense *rolls eyes* Right I'm going to bullet point this because I'm getting sleepy..

  • No luck in finding a job so far, it's rather tricky =/ Buuuut i'll find one sometime!
  • Haven't really seen my friends from school since prom *sniffles* =( althought I hope to soon ^^
  • Actually.. saw one friend.. we played Little Big Planet, wooot!
  • Oh went to some party too.. people from school were there but no one was really talking to me =/ so I made new friends (haha aren't I social *cough*)
  • Been drawing a lot but really need to do a lot more too..
  • Actually I should catch up on my reading as well.
  • I Just realised I always remember to write on here at weird times.... o_-
  • Met up with one of the people I befriended at the party for coffee (what are we.. 30? haha) it was alright, only an hour.. I didn't get coffee.
  • Lacking girlish company.. I don't think I remember when the last girlish day out I had was =S well.. not for aaages anyway.
  • Met with the other person I befriended at that party today, he's really nice =) Even if I did have to get on a bus and somehow have sunburnt my face...haha
  • On the plus side... I got a doughnut at the highland games and wasn't stuck at home, good times
I probably have more to say. You know like.. things which are actually important but my mind has decided it's about... 3 hours past sleep time, good night!
....that just reminded me of a playstation game called 40 winks or something... I've gotta look that up.
sora =3

Life is like a movie.

I don't know about everyone else but im lost in translation.


23rd-May-2009 04:16 pm - So...
sora =3
I just noticed I've started both my posts so far with "So" ahah cool =d Ever watched late night adverts for products? Some of them are weird as o_O ahem anyways that food I mentioned last post.. still haven't searched. SO guess what!!

------> Zoom zoom ! ------>>
23rd-May-2009 04:02 pm - I am so lazy >_<#
sora =3

So what do you think of my profile? It only took several hours ^^` I even put the pictures together myself! Be impressed =P 
Haven't done anything else today... yet! I will do something I umm just dont know what =P Actually I might watch a movie and get some food - sounds like a plan! Im in my comfy hoody =D I thought it was a little lame at first (what with all those names and LEAVERS 2009 on the back) but actually I'm really cosy ^^`

Hmm I was supposed to take my art stuff home this weekend and work on it like every hour from yesterday till tuesday... but the door was locked soo i couldnt get a fricking folder to carry it home in. Bah! This means extra work next week =( Ugh.

Well well well im off to find food (although I dont think we have any right now D=).. I shall try to update more often buut there is a high chance I'll forget =3 aaaaaand off I go! byeee ;o

Hmm, who am I saying bye to? Not myself I hope... I ain't no crazy?!! yet.... mehe x =d
29th-Apr-2009 12:25 am - Staaaaart again!
sora =3
So yeah I was unhappy with the way everything on here was going! Thus I have started again... I can't say how often I will write in here (but I will once iin a while) and I'm not sure what i'll babble about.... but first things first! I'm going to try to make me a new layout! So forgive the appauling state it may be in till I get things fixed =] oo i might get me some mood picture thingys too =3
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